Tony K.

Tony K. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I can’t thank Dr Mila enough for mending my aches and pains and injuries and helping me to prevent these same with her great maintenance treatments. The beating my body gets on the tennis court and even the daily mental stress in business all come to a relief under the care of Dr Mila. Whether it’s her physical adjustments and manipulations or her expert knowledge and advice, my mind and body are that much better for it. Lastly, we’ve all heard, and know, that laughter cures all, and if you met Dr Mila you know exactly what I’m talking about. Just 5 seconds with her and you walk away with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.


Alex 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Learned a lot from Dr. Mila
I went to Dr. Mila for consultation and treatment about posture and overall back health and maintenance. From my first visit to my most recent treatment, Dr. Mila asks questions, thoroughly assess my body and adjusts the sessions accordingly. My posture is the best it’s ever been, and I feel confident about my body when exercising. She has taught me a lot, appointments are always on time and the clinic follows strict COVID-19 protocols.


Louisa 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

It’s a pleasure working with Dr. Mila
Following a rear-end car accident, I went to Dr. Mila for consultation and treatment. While my condition is still a work in progress, we have seen great improvements. Beyond in-clinic treatment, Dr. Mila prepares homework – simple at-home exercises and stretches – for periods between appointments. Above all, Dr. Mila is friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I have referred my entire family because she is fantastic!

Ron F.

Ron F. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Dr. Mila takes the time to find out exactly what the issue is and prescribe the right plan to get you relief. My bad posture had resulted in various aches and pains. After a few visits with Dr. Mila, I was standing taller and my aches disappeared. I continue to see her for maintenance visits to make sure everything remains properly aligned. Dr. Mila is “A1” in my books. Highly recommended!

Lynn G.

Lynn G. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I’m “middle aged” and had seen many chiropractors over the years due to pain associated with my running, tennis, etc. A friend highly recommended Dr. Mila. My search for chiropractors is over. She truly is the best! Her treatments in addition to the stretches and exercises she recommended has helped me achieve long lasting relief. I’m so glad I met Dr. Mila. I can’t thank her enough!

Dr. S

Dr. S 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

She is the best…and I’ve been to many. I have never felt so completely adjusted.

Monica G.

Monica G. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

As an accountant, I sit for long hours at a time so I had a lot of back, neck and hip pain. Dr. Mila provided the only treatment that not only helped the pain but also got to the root of the issue. I have now been seeing Dr. Mila for three years, and have found lasting relief, which helps me be more active, lower my need for painkillers and be overall happier and healthier. She always takes the extra step to make recommendations and has such a positive and caring attitude. Thank you, Dr. Mila, for your help!!


Carolina 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Had my first chiropractic visit with Dr. Mila 10 years ago and have never trusted anyone else since! I cannot say enough good things about her. Her breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge, her careful assessment and adjustment of my body, thoughtful questions around physical habits, and great recommendations on stretches and exercises to do at home always leaves me feeling incredibly protected and cared for.

If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled chiropractor, who is also incredibly kind, thoughtful, wonderful positive energy, and who really truly cares – well you’ve found her!

Jason A

Jason A 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Dr Mila has a whole body and mind approach that suits my specific needs.  Her practice goes beyond just knowledge of her profession and goes to the root that she cares for people’s well being.  I came to Dr. Mila due to an injury and I continue to see her for ongoing treatment knowing that I am in good hands.

Jennifer Z

Jennifer Z 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Dr. Mila takes a holistic approach in treating her patients. Not only does she help me with my chronic neck/shoulder pain and come-and-go vertigo symptoms, she also consistently provides me with useful health tips so that I can take care of myself in between my appointments. Dr. Mila genuinely cares about her patients, has a great bedside manner and puts in a lot of effort to ensure every treatment is a positive experience.