Bob D

Bob D 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I have been a client of Dr. Mila for almost 15 years, and she has been instrumental in helping me recover from numerous sports injuries and allow me to maintain my overall health. Not only is she an amazing practitioner, but her positive and joyful personality is always a highlight in my day!

Dona J.

Dona J. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I am a Patient of Dr. Mila Todorovich for 17 years. Dr. Mila is an excellent Chiropractor, who is very dedicated with the care for her patients and to her profession. She has many years of Chiropractic knowledge and experience. Dr. Mila is very punctual, always cheerful and kind.

Through the years, Dr. Mila has treated and healed me for pinched nerves, injuries, tendinitis, tears in my shoulders, RSI, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease in my spine. I was able to work until my early retirement because of Dr. Mila’s healing adjustments, advice, care and exercises.
I highly recommend her services.


Beth 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mila regularly for over ten years, and her care has improved my health. She helped me recover from a major surgery and address minor injuries. The biggest thing, though, is the impact her care has on my headaches. If I’d been told when I was younger that anyone or anything could reduce my headaches as much as she has, I’m not sure I would have believed it.


Jill 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Dr. Mila’s knowledgeable hands have been treating me for 17 years for both regular tune-ups and emergency treatments. Upper back and shoulder pain are my targets that need frequent attention. Dr. Mila works magic in putting me back together again. Her chiropractic treatment, common sense approach and advice is invaluable and given with a heartfelt cheerful personality

Glen T.

Glen T. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I have been going to Dr Mila on a regular basis for nearly 10 years. I respect and trust her medical knowledge and her technique. Her adjustments permit me to stand taller, be more flexible, and feel better. As well, her engaging and outgoing personality makes each visit a pleasure. Highly recommended!

Jader M.

Jader M. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Dr. Mila is an amazing professional, extremely knowledgeable and a kind person full of positive energy and motivation who encourages her patients to accomplish their treatment goals. I have been treated by her for almost 3 years and her treatment simply changed my life. My treatment with her addresses posture improvements and some lower back pain I had in the beginning of sessions. If you are not familiar with the treatment, you have to be patient because the treatment takes some sessions for you to start seeing results, and then the results were better than I expected. She provides in-depth assessment that will help develop a detailed treatment plan with some milestones that will give you a great feeling when you hit each one of them by simply seeing the improvements in your posture or whatever you are looking to achieve. Thanks to Dr. Mila, my wife doesn’t have back problems anymore, which was treated with Dr. Mila’s sessions and exercises. My wife was crying due to her pain but after a few sessions with Dr. Mila, we could start seeing the results already. Dr. Mila is a trustworthy person and simply an amazing chiropractic professional who changed our lives for the better!

Dr. A

Dr. A 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

Dr. Mila is a very kind, caring and compassionate healer. She has helped me enormously in working through a lot of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual pain. She is highly competent and professional in all her dealings. Most of all, she has a heart of gold and always does right by her clients. I recommend her without reservation.

Giuliana S.

Giuliana S. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich
After trying a couple of other treatments I was really upset and uncomfortable with daily lower back pain. The first time I met Dr. Mila she not only helped me with my immediate pain but also gave me hope. Her positive energy and attitude besides her knowledge and care with patients made me trust her since the very first session. I started my treatment in June 2017 and was amazed by my improvement in a couple of months. I followed her suggestion with exercises and adjustment schedule and couldn’t be happier with the results. Today I continue with a monthly adjustment and strongly recommend Dr. Mila to family and friends, a kind and amazing professional. As she says, keep smiling!

Lisa M.

Lisa M. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

I have been going to Dr. Mila for chiropractic treatments for over 15 years. She was initially recommended to me when I was having back issues after a fall. She resolved my back problems related to the fall and I have continued with monthly treatments ever since, to keep everything aligned and for my general health and well-being. There are times when she can just look at me and zero right in on where I’m experiencing pain.   Our whole family goes to Dr. Mila and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!  She is a smart and committed professional, who’s highly skilled in her area of expertise.