Lisa M.

Lisa M. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

“Our whole family goes to Dr. Mila and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!  She is a smart and committed professional, who’s highly skilled in her area of expertise. “

Jader Marassi

Jader Marassi 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

“Dr. Mila is an amazing professional, extremely knowledgeable and a kind person full of positive energy and motivation who encourages her patients to accomplish their treatment goals.”

Bob Daniels

Bob Daniels 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

“I have been a client of Dr. Mila for almost 15 years, and she has been instrumental in helping me recover from numerous sports injuries and allow me to maintain my overall health. Not only is she an amazing practitioner, but her positive and joyful personality is always a highlight in my day!”

Elisha & Gary

Elisha & Gary 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

We have been seeing Dr. Mila since 2005.  We love her.  She is a delightful caring chiropractor who really knows her stuff.  Her charisma is inspirational and her entire being emits positive energy.  Her advice comes from a wholesome heart backed by strong medical knowledge.  She truly cares about her patients.


Jill 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

“Dr. Mila’s knowledgeable hands have been treating me for 17 years for both regular tune-ups and emergency treatments. Dr. Mila works magic in putting me back together again. Her chiropractic treatment, common sense approach and advice is invaluable and given with a heartfelt cheerful personality.”

Glen T.

Glen T. 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

“I have been going to Dr. Mila on a regular basis for nearly 10 years. I respect and trust her medical knowledge and her technique. Her adjustments permit me to stand taller, be more flexible, and feel better. As well, her engaging and outgoing personality makes each visit a pleasure. Highly recommended!”


Carolina 150 150 Dr. Mila Todorovich

“Had my first chiropractic visit with Dr. Mila 10 years ago and have never trusted anyone else since! I cannot say enough good things about her. If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled chiropractor, who is also incredibly kind, thoughtful, wonderful positive energy, and who really truly cares – well you’ve found her!”