Chiropractic Makes Sense


How safe is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is considered to be one of the safest health care professions, despite what other people or the media might tell you. There is a rare risk of stroke associated with neck adjustments. However, the most recent study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal states that the risk is merely one in 5.85 million adjustments. That is less than your risk of getting struck by lightning or of dying while skiing.
Occasionally there is temporary muscle soreness after an adjustment – just like the first time you go to the gym. These minor side effects don’t even compare to the risks and side effects associated with its medical counterpart. In fact, M.D.s now categorize chiropractic in the highest rating: "Generally accepted, well-established and widely used."

The bottom line: Chiropractic is safe – for children, adults and seniors.

Are Chiropractors real doctors?

Chiropractic academic training is of equivalent standard to medical training. In fact, chiropractors have more classroom hours in anatomy and radiology. Chiropractic training generally requires a minimum of six years of university and chiropractic college study followed by an internship prior to entering practice. Upon graduation, a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) is awarded. Chiropractors must then pass several National Board exams as well as necessary state/provincial exams. The biggest difference between chiropractors and medical doctors is in their treatment approach. M.D.s are trained in the use of medicine and surgery. Chiropractors are trained in a more hands-on, physical approach to help correct joint misalignments and alleviate pain and discomfort related to pinched nerves. Chiropractic also emphasizes prevention and its relation to overall well-being.

Once you start, do you keep going forever?

This is entirely up to you. You only have to continue treatments as long as you want to continue to look, think and feel optimally healthy. Preventative chiropractic care is just like getting routine dental check-ups, exercising regularly, stretching, eating healthy and maintaining a positive state of mind. As long as you keep doing it, you get to keep enjoying the benefits.
Your joints go through everyday wear and tear during daily activities such as sleeping, sitting, walking, exercising and lifting. And just like tooth decay is well on its way before the first warning signs of pain, misalignments in your joints may have a significant impact on your health before you feel pain or discomfort.
At any age, regular chiropractic check-ups can help you do the things you love to do with greater ease and for a longer period of time.


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Chiropractic is the largest drug-free health care profession in the world. It focuses on spinal alignment and its effect on the nervous system. Your nervous system controls how you move, feel and think. Misalignments of your spine can cause pinched nerves and result in immediate discomfort or chronic pain.

Chiropractic doctors use specialized techniques (called "adjustments") to help restore normal joint movement and nerve function, thereby alleviating pain and optimizing performance.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

An adjustment is a highly skilled and precise movement applied by hand to a joint of the body. Chiropractic treatments can be modified to accomodate your specific body type, condition and most importantly, your comfort level.

Each adjustment will be explained and performed only after your consent.

For over 100 years, Chiropractic has safely and successfully helped millions of people of all ages with:

  • neck pain or stiffness
  • low back pain or Sciatica
  • headaches/migraines
  • repeatitive strain injuries
  • shoulder pain
  • poor posture
  • pinched nerves
  • stress or fatigue

Chiropractic also plays an important role in:

  • preventative care for children and adults to counteract wear and tear of daily activities
  • generating more energy and a clearer focus
  • improving quality of life
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